by Tulasi-Priya on Wednesday 22 August 2012

This is what I’ve been working on the past couple of three weeks. I’ve been out of the loop for years with regard to video shooting and editing, and my equipment and software is consumer-grade, not pro, but whatever talent I possess I put into this, and the grace of God was not in short […]


How I learned to write

by Tulasi-Priya on Tuesday 10 July 2012

  I’ve always been in love with books, reading, and writing. I’ve only been blocked for twenty out of my forty-nine years, and they were not my most interesting anyway, so there’s plenty of material to draw on still. Teachers can teach you things, but they can’t get inside your head and make you see, […]


Beautiful and Free (shipping)

by Tulasi-Priya on Tuesday 3 July 2012

Stumbled across this tidbit, and since I don’t have anything prepared (yet) to write today, I thought I’d share . . . Independence Day 2012 Free Shipping – Powell’s Books. . . .  because this blog isn’t just a platform for wanton navel-gazing, it also offers practical tips to enhance your daily activities, and furnish […]