How to have a life

by Tulasi-Priya on Tuesday 5 March 2013

Stop doing things no one needs to do. Stop doing things someone else will do if you stop doing them. Stop doing things that aren’t the kind only you can do. Start doing the things you want to do, that only YOU can do. Start acting instead of reacting. —Kenneth Atchity, A Writer’s Time



by Tulasi-Priya on Wednesday 7 November 2012

I’m not going to say anything about the election. Instead, for your friends who weathered (ha!) Hurricane Sandy, you can give a gift a cheap, beautiful art by my talented friend, Chris Stain. It comes in other colors, too.



by Tulasi-Priya on Tuesday 16 October 2012

I was going to post this video today anyhow, but now it seems fitting to do so in honor of HarryiPants’ father, who passed away recently. I never knew the man, but iPants is a good man, and the apple never falls far from the tree. The video is an adaptation of Hemingway’s “The Old […]